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Pet owners can be asked quite frequently by their vet to perform different tasks at home depending on the needs of their pet. These can include something as simple as giving a pill or more complicated like administering injectable medicines, expressing glands or giving fluids under the skin. However, by the time they need to do it, the instructions have faded away. With a video consultation, we can provide you with step by step advice and demonstration on how to perform these tasks.


We are here to provide you with simple advice what to do as first aid before or on your way to your physical veterinarian in case of an emergency. Seizuring, trauma, bleeding can be considered emergencies. 

The most important is to reach your veterinarian for emergency treatment as soon as possible. Waiting for a virtual consultation might prolong the time until treatment and is not advised.









We are here to advise you about common skin issues that can affect dogs such as itchy skin, allergies, sores and hot spots, hair loss, dull coat.

Diet advice

Talking about your pet's weight and diet is not easy. Here at Funny Feet we can advice you about pet nutrition with simple to understand examples.

  • Is dry food better than the wet?

  • What are natural diets and do they have any benefits?

  • Are home made diets safe?

  • How about raw food and grain free diets?

Antiparasite advice

Funny Feet vets are here to advise you about fleas, worms and other parasites. It is important to keep your animal under regular antiparasite treatment but with all the products out there you might be confused about what is the right combination. We can discuss your questions about different antiparasites.


Funny feet Veterinarians can discuss with you about common dog behaviours that are an everyday life problem; barking, chewing, digging, noise phobias, inappropriate elimination, separation anxiety, jumping up, biting, aggression. 

Also, we can refer you appropriate trainers or specialist behaviourists to help and support with your little one's issue. 

Pet passports

Pet Passports can only be issued by specially trained veterinarians called Official Veterinarians (OVs). Viktoria Tsari, a member and founder of Funny Feet is an OV and can issue a passport for your pet via a quick home visit. 

She can also advice you about general travel inquires as she has worked as an official veterinarian with a leading pet export company.


We understand how difficult this decision can be. Therefore,our veterinarians can discuss in depth your concerns and fears about the procedure and prepare you of what to expect during the procedure.

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