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Why do we love dogs so much??

Have you ever wondered why you love your dog so much and even more why you feel like you understand your dog so much?

Needless to say, that dogs have been around human beings for long time, estimated around 15.000 when the Bonn-Oberkassel dog was found buried with 2 humans. Only by this fact you can understand this is a long time to get to know each other!

However, it didn’t start like an endless love; dogs worked for humans and in return they received a safe place to sleep and a food source. As humans were evolving, though, work didn’t mean hunting only…

A clinician named Boris Levinson first discovered by accident that when he was working with children and his dog was around, the children were responding better to the therapy!

It’s nowadays known that when humans pet a dog they produce a hormone, called oxytocin. You might have already known that it is the happiness hormone, but did you know it’s also a hormone of bonding and affection?

By personal experience in the clinical field, dogs have been the purpose of some people, the reason to wake up, the reason to come out of their house, the reason to live. I later discovered that scientific evidence shows that dogs reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. It might surprise you that there were approximately 400.000 service dogs, bonded with people with disabilities, in US by 1990!

It’s not surprising then after all this interaction, humans to understand dogs so well. We ‘ve learnt their language, body language or not, we know when they are happy, sad, surprised, scared… And every little one would express it in a different way, like a human would do, one would eat when sad, another would starve. I think the bond between a dog and human is created in such a way so that one can understand another like a wife-husband couple or a couple of friends would do.

Maybe we’re meant to love dogs then, our DNA was built in this way to be very closely associated to chemically interact with these being, maybe not and words or science cannot explain this bond, this love, and why should it?

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