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The answers to 10 questions pet owners feel shy to ask their Vet! (PART II)

I was petting my dog when suddenly something grew near his private area! What’s happening?

The weird growth around your dog’s thingy is called Bulbus Glandis! Do not let the name scare you… In simple words, your dog gets very excited… He simply likes what you do and the gland gets swollen from excitement.

Why is my dog spinning around before they poo?

We’ve all as pet owners been in the weird position of waiting in agony for our dog to poo and finally before the great moment they give the signal with the “poop-dance”! There are a lot of theories that tried to explain this behaviour but the most realistic one says that they are actually searching for predators, as they are quite vulnerable while they ‘re doing their business.

I found some lumps on my dog’s belly! What are they? (alternative questions: I ‘ve been trying to pull out this tick on my dog’s belly but I can’t, what can I do to get rid of it??)

This sudden onset of lumps and bumps always rings a bell to us vets! Many times, we realise owners talk about their male dog’s nipples. And reasonably they wonder why do males need nipples? Well, they don’t need them! But, when the life starts in mammals’ uterus, there is no difference between the male and female, which means they come in “one size all”. I don’t literally mean they are of identical size but they share the same characteristics, including nipples! However, they did not disappear with natural selection as possibly there were not offering anything extra or making a disadvantage for males that had them. Similarly, snakes have remnants of limbs, which remained after the species’ evolution.

Does a cat have 9 lives?

In fact, NO! haha There are different superstitions between different countries… For example, in Greece, cats are believed to have 7 lives! What is very true is that cats can be great fighters and survive unbelievable scenarios of diseases or traumas.

Why does my cat sit in the weirdest places in the house (on my laptop for example!)?

A lot has been said to make cats look weird… But they are more wise than weird for sure! There are 4 main reasons why your cat chose this place; it’s either hot or cold (depending of the current needs of course), safe and secure, socially desirable or just attention bell (don’t judge she’s on your laptop, she’s talking to you for some reason listen to her…).

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