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The answers to 10 questions pet owners feel shy to ask their Vet! (PART I)

1. Are specific breeds more aggressive than others?

Let’s be honest and straight, there are no dogs born aggressive because they belong to a specific breed, like a Rottweiler or a Doberman! If you think it in human logic, it’s like blaming somebody he was born a criminal… In a similar way, there are environmental and social factors that play a huge role in raising a human, it’s all about how a dog is raised and trained. In the wrong hands, you can equally “create” an affectionate Rottweiler and an evil Chihuahua!

2. Why are some dog breeds banned in UK?

There are specific breeds (Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro) banned in UK. These breeds were brought in UK or bred here to be used in fighting events, which later became illegal. In order to limit these, these breeds were banned to be bred or imported in UK. The reason isn’t really related to these dogs being aggressive in nature and to my personal opinion it needs to be reviewed as nowadays it has completely changed the perception of people towards these dogs.

3. Is it healthy to feed your dog only dry food?

Some people would think that a dry diet doesn’t offer the palatability and the variety a dog might need from food. In fact, good quality dry diets consist of all the ingredients and the amounts a dog or cat would need at the specific breed, age and lifestyle. Also, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that there are prescription diets that meet the exact requirements of animals with specific health issues like diabetes or liver problems. I would suggest you simply look at these diets like the human equivalent of ready-made meals customised to one’s specific diet goals. Finally, the same way you can find good quality human food, there are dry diets of a lower quality. So, make sure you chose one that it meets the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) requirements.

4. Are small dogs more vocal than larger ones?

Funny enough this statement has a bit of truth inside. And I think that a lot of times we are quite judgemental about the little Chi that barks every time someone is at the door. Well, the good news is this is what they are supposed to do… They were bred for this reason! So, don’t feel nervous or ashamed your little pooch is barking, they are guarding you!

5. Do dogs cry like humans?

Dogs do produce tears because they have tear glands. However, there’s not an emotional reason related to tear production as there’s in humans. The main reason they produce tears is to lubricate their eyes. Sometimes it can be excessive and hence pathological as a reaction to allergens, foreign bodies in or around the eyes or anatomical problems of the eyes.

Stay tuned for PART II Mon 15th June...

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