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Are you allergic to dogs and cats?

Many of my clients and friends very often ask me if there is such a thing as a hypoallergenic pet... To their disappointment, there is not a 100% hypoallergenic pet! However, it doesn't exist in the same way a 100% well-behaved dog doesn't exist. The point here is that some people can be allergic to all cats and dogs, some other more sensitive to specific breeds.

What exactly causes the allergy symptoms?

Your cat's or dog's saliva, the dead skin cells or even some urine proteins can be all allergens that trigger one's allergy symptoms. They are considered similar threats to bacterias for an allergic person's immune system, which will fight them in order to get rid of them and cause the allergy symptoms.

There is a conflict though for allergic people that love and want to keep their pets...

In this case there are a few things you could possibly do unless your doctor advise you otherwise:

-It might be better to keep your fury friend out of your bedroom thinking you spend about 8-10 hours of the day there!

- It's good to avoid carpet and replace it with rugs which you can frequently wash or steam.

- Wear a mask when cleaning! Besides the COVID-19 benefit, a mask can protect you from breathing in all the allergens that have been sitting on your carpet or furniture.

-Did you know you can have the air of your house cleaned? Have a look on-line about air purifiers that can effectively clean your house from your pet's allergens.

-If you are using air conditioning, make sure the filters are cleaned regularly to avoid recycling the allergens in the house.

- Cleaning you clothes from your pet's fur can significantly reduce the amount of the allergens you come in direct contact with.

-Keep your pet clean but remember bathing your pet too frequently might harm his own skin. Then you 'll end up having your little one suffering too. For this reason, don't bath your pet more than once every couple of weeks.

-Take your pet for grooming outside the house! There are several places where your little angel can have some... "antiallergenic treatment".

- Finally, whenever in doubt talk to your doctor about options of immunotherapy or other treatment.

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